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WELCOME to Communities First



Welcome to Communities First. We are a community of practice (CoP) founded by PCOM650 team members: Lorraine Fentie, Travis Paterson, Carrie Voysey, and Dominika Zapolnik, that focuses on collaborative approaches to the research and development of community spaces.


By now, you may have already requested to become a member of our CoP. In case you haven’t, please visit  the member section. Once you become a member, you will have access to Communities First’s member resources including: the CoP charter and plan, minutes from previous meetings, and article discussions (conversations that have been recorded). Future plans will also be developed over the next few weeks. In addition to the resources, blog posts are also available. Please feel free to contribute articles, news/media stories, or organizational/political documents of interest and relevance, on the website. Of course, you are also welcome to provide comments and feedback on the posts that already exist as well--this is how many great ideas are generated.


This CoP meets weekly (Thursdays at 4 PM, PST) via Collaborate video chat through the Royal Roads University Moodle student platform. This allows members the opportunity to connect, share and discuss their learnings and allows its membership to request assistance of other members. Should members wish to communicate between meetings, emails of CoP members have been distributed for that purpose and will also be available in the member section of the website. This CoP will last the duration of the PCOM650 course, after which members will decide if it is a valuable tool for their professional and academic purposes, and will either continue working together or not.


Thank you for your interest in Communities First. We look forward to working with you!



Lorraine, Travis, Carrie, Dominika